How to Supercharge your Meditation

Here are some thoughts on how to supercharge your meditation.

Take a Challenge

One idea can be to commit to several days of practice in a row.  I like five-day challenges. That’s something that we regularly run in the mindfulness community, and people get a real boost from committing to something as simple as meditating for five days in a row. So by making that commitment, it’s more likely that it will happen.

Plan a Retreat

Another way to deepen your practice is to schedule some time for a retreat. A retreat could mean anything from a half to a full day.  Over time you could move on towards a weekend or a week.

The nice thing about a retreat day is that it allows you to do a number of practices where you have no other responsibilities. So It’s a really simple day, and you get to spend time outside. You enjoy having nice food and moving in and out of practices. It starts to feel like you’re continuously practicing, your meditation carries into your cup of tea outside, which carries into the next practice. It can be really enjoyable and interesting for your practice to do that.

Find a Teacher

I think the ultimate way to supercharge your meditation is to connect with a teacher. This goes with learning everything. Therefore I think if you’re serious about learning anything complex, you need a guide. 

You need someone to make suggestions, to interact with you, to help you if you’re stuck or reach a plateau.  Just having someone to inspire and encourage you makes all the difference.

Make it happen

It’s worth saying at this stage that this is why I built The Mindfulness Community. The Mindfulness Community is this wonderful online community where there’s guidance and support, guided practices, and challenges.  Members get the support of myself and fellow peers and this makes it much easier to develop a regular practice.

So if you’re at a place where you feel that you want to develop your mindfulness practice, you’re attracted to the benefits of it, then I’d recommend you have a look at The Mindfulness Community. 

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Keith Horan

Keith Horan

Keith has been teaching Mindfulness for over 20 years in the West of Ireland where he lives with his wife and three children.
He is trained both in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and in the practices of Modern Secular Mindfulness. He has an MSc in Mindfulness-based Approaches from Bangor University in North Wales.
Keith teaches in a gentle and encouraging way and helps people to find balance and more self-acceptance in their lives.

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