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Thanks for coming here!  I hope you find what you are looking for.

I work as a Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher.  To get a sense of my work, I’d invite you to test out the resources in the ‘For You’ section.

If you find things interesting, then let’s make time to have a conversation.  Just reach out and we can plan a free one hour session together.


Keith Horan

What Makes Life Coaching so helpful?

Making changes in life can be difficult. It takes clarity and it takes confidence. Spending time with a good life coach gets things moving in the right direction more quickly and with more ease.
What type of areas can Life Coaching help?

Moving towards your dream career

Breaking through limiting beliefs

Improving your Relationships

Achieving a healthy lifestyle

Finding more Balance and Joy in your Life

Feeling more at Peace with yourself

I am an ICF accredited Transformational Coach from Animas, and hold a Master’s in Mindfulness-based Approaches from the University of Bangor.

Deeper than that, I’ve been a school teacher, am a business person and angel investor, and a husband and dad to three teenagers.  

I have been practicing and teaching Meditation for over twenty years, which has led to a gentle presence and insight.  That’s where the power of my coaching comes from.

Why work with me?

What about you?

I facilitate and hold the space, but coaching is really all about you. It’s your frustrations and challenges, hopes and dreams that shape the work. The magic comes from You…
What makes us an great match?
  • You are willing to have honest, real conversations.
  • You like to reflect and are open to new ideas.
  • You love learning and enjoy applying what you learn.
  • You feel there is more potential to your life.

Are you Ready?

I would be delighted to get to know you and support you on your journey.

If this feels exciting, then let’s start with a simple conversation and see what unfolds.

After working with Keith…

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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

Look forward to seeing you.