About Keith

Mindfulness has played a wonderful role in my life. I was very fortunate in that I was first taught to meditate when I was 23, and I have maintained a regular practice since then.

The practice was gentle and gradual, and still transformed my life! My concentration increased while worrying and being “stuck in my thoughts” lessened. Life became more interesting.

Sharing these practices became a passion, and now I love to find different ways to teach and to pass on these benefits to others.

In 2019 I created The Mindfulness Community, my online platform to facilitate Mindfulness practice and reach people around the world. 

So, have a look through the website and if you think Mindfulness can be of benefit to you, then make sure to get in touch with me.


The Way of Mindfulness

Our training takes you step by step through the process of developing a Mindfulness Practice. To make this work requires some effort and commitment on your part, but it’s more than worth it.

My style of teaching is gentle and emphasises the practice of self-care. I also focus on helping you to use Mindfulness practice in the middle of everyday life.

My Training

I have a Masters in Mindfulness-based Approaches from Bangor University in North Wales. This was an amazing program, and at the time was the first place in the world where Mindfulness could be studied to Masters level.

More important than that training though is the 20 years that I have spent studying, practising and teaching mindfulness.

Once Upon A Time…

Twenty years ago I finished my Undergraduate degree in Earth Science. My college years were a time where I struggled to have any real sense of purpose.

I moved to Dublin and got a good job. And yet I was aware that I was still missing that sense of joy and vibrancy that I felt earlier in my life. I knew that something needed to change or I would get stuck living a life much less than the one I dreamed of… [continue soon]

Our Studio

Amanda and I had done many trainings and retreats in beautiful centres around the world. The most inspiring places were often very simple and uncluttered. Above all these spaces had a real presence that comes about from years of sincere practice.

Our dream was to create a space like that. Our location was perfect, deeply connected to the Burren and to the Sea. Could we design something that would bring together a community of like-minded people?

The breakthrough was meeting an eco-architect called Miles Sampson. He had the skill to help us turn an aspiration into a real project.

The design that resulted was based on creating a warm open space with fresh air to breath. Underfloor heating, sheep’s wool insulation and an air exchange system allowed that to happen. With a curved ceiling and up-lighting it’s a lovely place to practice meditation and yoga.

The next phase in the project is to develop the garden. We found Sarah & Gabriel Casey, garden designers with a wonderfully natural style. So far, over 200 native trees have been planted, the path’s for mindful walking are emerging, and the place feels full of life.

State-of-the-art yoga and meditation equipment and props

Mentoring and social events

Yoga and meditation literacy available in the studio

Beautiful walks immersed in the nature

Warm & Spacious

Hospitality & Facilities

You can relax as soon as you reach the studio. Parking is easy, and a short gravel path leads to the studio entrance. Watch out for the native trees and plants, stonework, and the Studio sign in corten steel. Once inside there is a purpose-built area to get ready for practice. There is a bathroom here and a small kitchenette. Kick your shoes off and hang up your coat. You’re ready to move into the Studio itself. The quiet presence of the room then eases you into your practice and into the present moment.

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