Welcome to the FREE 5-day mindfulness self-compassion challenge.

What you'll learn

In each short 20 minute video I will guide you through the following 5 things each day: 


The first focus is on the power of the Soothing Touch. We’ll uncover works for us and the power of the simple touch. 


Today’s practice is all about connecting with our breathing in a nurturing way.


Taking a ‘Self Compassion Break’. We will discuss, Mindfulness, Common Humanity, Kindness.


We will practice a Visualisation meditation  technique called “Compassionate Friend”. Where you look at yourself as if you were talking to a best friend. 


Phew you’ve made it, compassion for yourself and others to ease you into the rest of your day

Hi I am Keith

Twenty years ago I finished my Undergraduate degree in Earth Science. My college years were a time where I struggled to have any real sense of purpose. 

Since then, I have crafted my mindfulness and meditation practice to teach myself and others how to live richer, fuller more connected lives. 

With this challenge I hope it gives you a decent insight into how I can help you. 

If you are interested I would love to tell you more about The Mindfulness Community. 

I’ll send you more info during the challenge, but you are curious, check it out here.  

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