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Be part of a community of like-minded people who are willing to go on a journey of being happier, finding a deeper level of Inner Peace and being more present in the moment. 

Here's what some of our lovely community members are saying!

Practising Mindfulness in a group has a number of long lasting benefits:

Reduced your levels
of Anxiety

Reduce feelings of overwhelm

Improve relationships with yourself and others

Improve your
Quality of Sleep

Improve your consistency of practice

When people start their journey of Mindfulness it can be easy to get lost and discouraged, but with support from The Mindfulness Community it becomes possible to keep a steady and regular mindfulness practice going.

The Mindfulness Community gives you all the support you need.

On a weekly basis within the community, we get to: meditate together, learn from one another and be inspired by one another.

Lets hear from our Community

The Mindfulness Community is always available for you, so you can practice in a way that fits your schedule.

At all times you will have access to an expert guide in myself, Keith Horan. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching mindfulness, and I love helping others enjoy the benefits of practice.
Within The Mindfulness Community you can expect direct support from me, including:
  • Live meditation sessions

  • Teaching courses on topics such as anxiety, stress, sleep, self compassion and more.

  • Consistent feedback on your questions

Join us at The Mindfulness Community (TMC) so we can go on this journey of Mindfulness together!

Monthly Subscription

27 Per Month
  • Recurring payment - cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse

Annual Subscription

270 Per Year
  • BEST VALUE: 2 Months FREE when you join on an annual subscription!
Best Value

Within our community, steady and regular progress is what we aim for.  With the support from myself and others in The Mindfulness Community you can make real and tangible progress.

Still unsure if The Mindfulness Community is the right fit for you?

Lets hope we can answer some question you may have:

Of course! We’ll guide you towards the right courses to begin with. And you’ll find loads of people in the community at the same level as you. With the support of TMC you are far more likely to grow and maintain your meditation practice. And to love it!
Our goal in TMC is to help people become advanced Meditators over time. We have both Mindfulness teachers and long term practitioners in our community. Our more in-depth courses on topics like Self Compassion, and developing single pointed concentration will keep you inspired. And our live and guided meditations regularly feature longer practices that will help your practice to continue to grow.
This is the best place to learn how to meditate! By engaging with us you can make sure that your practice gets off to the right start. We will inspire you to believe that you can meditate, and will take you step by step along that journey.
Yes, Keith Horan is available to support you and answer your questions. In the Courtyard you have direct access to Keith and can always submit a private question or privately share how your practice is going. In addition the whole community is there to support you too!

Yes, of course! All of the basic practices that you find on apps are available on TMC. Those apps can be very useful. However we believe that really developing a Mindfulness practice and making it part of your life requires much more.

  • Clear teaching so you know you are practicing effectively
  • The chance to meditate as a community
  • Interactions with like-minded people
  • Inspiration on how to bring practice into Daily Life

And when your practice gets stuck you need the interaction with an experienced guide to help you along.

Traditionally it has always been this way. TMC has been built to provide all of this!

Yes, our Live Meditations are a core part of TMC. And every month we stream in-depth Live Teachings, where we focus on specific topics and get to answer your questions.
Not at all! The beauty of The Mindfulness Community is that it’s always available for you. It’s designed to fit in with your lifestyle. So you can access all the content, including guided Meditations and Courses, at any time. We do have special live streaming meditations and live teaching sessions. But these are all recorded so that you can enjoy them whenever is most convenient for you.
Well, obviously we would be very sad to see you go! But you are completely free to make that choice at any stage and you can do that with two clicks of a mouse. And should things change, you would be very welcome back.

Yes, we do offer a small number of sponsored places.

TMC is a project built with love and the hope to create something special to help people. And at the same time there are substantial costs involved in developing and running a platform this advanced. So we have set our prices as low as possible, while also being able to deliver a sustainable community.

We are aware that these prices are beyond the reach of some people. So if you are a student or are unemployed/retired etc. we aim to help where possible.

Send me an email to and let me know:

  1. Briefly what your circumstances are.
  2. What your interest/experience of Mindfulness is.
If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.